Creative Milkshake Ideas

If you've recently purchased a restaurant-quality milkshake machine from a restaurant supplier, like DSL Northwest, Inc., or if you run a small ice cream business, you'll probably want to try out a few creative creamy concoctions. Everyone knows and loves the traditional vanilla ice cream and candy combinations, but there is a wide variety of other treats to experiment with. You can blend up some festive frozen shakes to celebrate different special occasions or holidays, or mix ice cream with seasonal fruit as a fresh, flavorful dessert option. Read More 

Ale Beers: All The Flavor You Need

Ale beers go through a very fast brewing process that takes just a few weeks to complete. With ale beers, the yeast is fermented at the top of the barrel at very high temperatures. This produces beers that have a strong yeast flavor, paired with other complex flavors. There are a variety of different types of ales that you can enjoy. #1 Pale Ale The type of ale that many people are familiar with is pale ale. Read More 

5 Ways To Change Up The Sauces On Your Pizza

Not everyone loves red tomato sauce on their pizza; if you find yourself falling into this category, there are lots of other sauces that you can put on your pizza instead. Switching out the sauce on your pizza can give your favorite toppings a whole new twist and flavor. #1 Pesto A very classic type of pizza sauce that is often overlooked is pesto. Pesto has a really fresh, basil taste that can add some real flavor to your pizza. Read More 

Benefits Of Wedding Reception Spaces, Compared

Many different options exist for hosting a wedding reception, with varying degrees of affordability and convenience. These are some of the best options to consider: Restaurants Many restaurants have private party venues that have proven to be very convenient for holding wedding receptions. For one, the food is already there; you can have the restaurant cater your reception, which will greatly cut down on the amount of planning and coordination you will be responsible for. Read More 

Start Planning For Your Family Meal At Your Local Steakhouse On July 4th

What is it about steakhouses that makes its followers speak of them with such reverence? Steakhouses have a history as far back as when restaurant businesses came into being in America. It's where people take their families in droves for fun-filled eating experiences. Menus are extensive and caters to foods that are not necessarily related to stakes. However, hand-cut signature steaks are the hit of the day. There is a tasty menu to please every member of your family when you visit a steakhouse to dine on steak. Read More