Benefits Of Wedding Reception Spaces, Compared

Many different options exist for hosting a wedding reception, with varying degrees of affordability and convenience. These are some of the best options to consider:


Many restaurants have private party venues that have proven to be very convenient for holding wedding receptions. For one, the food is already there; you can have the restaurant cater your reception, which will greatly cut down on the amount of planning and coordination you will be responsible for. You can cut out the costs of food transportation and storage this way. 

Restaurants are already set up to host people for meals and entertainment. Ask about the AV equipment options in your private party space; it's probably already set up for you. 

Parks and Outdoor Spaces

You may be surprised to learn that many public parks are open for wedding rentals. You may be able to rent out a pavilion or an open space for the afternoon. There are probably a few more restrictions on these spaces than with other options. For instance, your reception would need to be during the normal hours of the park's space, which would mean the reception is held during the day. You would also have to contact the parks and recreation service to determine what kinds of structures you can place on public grounds, such as tents or seating. 


You could also have a reception in your own home or in that of someone close to you. On the bright side, this is often a more affordable option. It can be constraining if you plan to have a lot of people at your reception, and there is more liability involved for you personally; there's a greater risk that your belongings will be damaged, or that you will be directly responsible for someone else getting hurt at your reception. This is one reason why many people prefer to have a wedding reception out of the home; that, and it can feel more special to plan out reception at a public venue that you love, rather than in your own home. 

Vacation Rental

Get the best of private space plus beautiful accommodations by renting out a vacation rental spot for your reception. Just make sure the owner is on board. You can choose a location in a scenic area, and the prices will often be lower than that of renting a party venue. However, you will have to do a little more work in decorating and finding food and drink suppliers. 

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