Creative Milkshake Ideas

If you've recently purchased a restaurant-quality milkshake machine from a restaurant supplier, like DSL Northwest, Inc., or if you run a small ice cream business, you'll probably want to try out a few creative creamy concoctions. Everyone knows and loves the traditional vanilla ice cream and candy combinations, but there is a wide variety of other treats to experiment with.

You can blend up some festive frozen shakes to celebrate different special occasions or holidays, or mix ice cream with seasonal fruit as a fresh, flavorful dessert option. If you own your own high-quality machine, consider serving delicious milkshakes at holiday or birthday parties, as well as at other large or small events. Guests can even have fun making their own milkshake creations if you provide a variety of ingredients. 

Here are some unique milkshake ideas to create in your machine:

1. Nutty Shakes

You may be used to adding chocolate to your ice cream shakes, but consider adding nuts to your creations as well. The salty, roasted flavor of nuts complements sweet chocolate or caramel well and also adds a bit of crunchy texture.

Some combinations include vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate chunks and almonds or cashews or bananas and peanut butter. 

2. Coffee Shakes

If you love both coffee and ice cream, you can combine both of your passions in one cup. As one idea, add an espresso shot to either vanilla or chocolate ice cream, and top with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup for a decadent treat. You can substitute cold-brewed coffee if you don't have espresso on hand. 

3. Fruity Shakes

Give a creamy ice cream shake a burst of healthy flavor with fresh or frozen fruit. Add a handful of any type of berry, or even cherries as a tangy twist. As a tropical treat, mix up vanilla ice cream with pineapple and dried coconut. 

Other produce mix-in ideas include bananas, mango, papaya, and even avocado for an extra-thick shake.

4. Cookie or Cake Shakes

If you can't decide on what you want for dessert, mix a few treats together to create one drinkable creation. Start with vanilla or chocolate ice cream and add in sweets such as frosted petit fours, chocolate chip or sugar cookies, cupcakes or even pumpkin, blueberry, or any other type of pie.

To make a s'mores-inspired milkshake for summertime soirees, blend up toasted marshmallows, dark or milk chocolate squares, and crushed graham crackers. Top with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.