Tips For Hosting A Special Event In A Beachfront Restaurant

If you love the water and are looking for the perfect venue for your special event, consider holding it in a beachfront restaurant. The water will provide a beautiful backdrop for your celebration, as well as plenty of ambiance.  You can host any type of special event or occasion, including birthday celebrations, holiday get-togethers, family or class reunions, anniversary or graduation celebrations, bridal or baby showers, or wedding rehearsal dinner and receptions, at a beachfront eatery. Read More 

Five Tips For Those Who Are Ordering Chinese Food For The First Time

If you have never eaten Chinese before, it's only natural that you might not be sure of what to order when you go to a Chinese restaurant for the first time.  Chinese food is so popular and prevalent for a reason. There's no doubt that there are numerous items on any Chinese restaurant menu that you're absolutely going to love. The following are five great tips to keep in mind if you're trying Chinese for the first time: Read More 

3 Benefits Of Using Stainless Steel In Your Commercial Kitchen

If you are trying to think of ways to take your commercial kitchen to the next level, you should consider incorporating stainless steel. As a natural durable, attractive material, stainless steel can be used everywhere from backsplashes and countertops to restaurant equipment and serving dishes. Here are three benefits of using stainless steel in your commercial kitchen. 1. Prevent Cross Contamination Although there are many different varieties of hard surfaces you can use in your kitchen, not all materials are non-porous, which means some could allow bacteria and viruses to seek refuge in small surface imperfections. Read More 

Creating A Party Room In Your Restaurant? What To Consider

You have extra space in your restaurant to convert some of the space into a party room. You want to specifically cater to kids and their birthday bashes, but you want the space to be inviting enough for a conference room or other type of celebration as well. With this in mind, use this guide to turn your open space into a kids birthday party room that can also be used for other purposes as well. Read More 

Traveling And Fasting Become An Easy Duo When Eating At Casual Restaurants

Losing weight while on an extended vacation or business trip isn't easy. Without access to a kitchen, preparing meals isn't possible. Cutting calories becomes a bit easier when following an intermittent fasting routine. Visiting casual restaurants may allow you to stick with the unique plan. Fasting and Visiting Popular Casual Dining Spots Intermittent fasting follows a simple strategy. You eat during a duration window of, say, eight hours. Then, for 16 hours, you fast. Read More