Tips For Hosting A Special Event In A Beachfront Restaurant

If you love the water and are looking for the perfect venue for your special event, consider holding it in a beachfront restaurant. The water will provide a beautiful backdrop for your celebration, as well as plenty of ambiance. 

You can host any type of special event or occasion, including birthday celebrations, holiday get-togethers, family or class reunions, anniversary or graduation celebrations, bridal or baby showers, or wedding rehearsal dinner and receptions, at a beachfront eatery. Be sure to choose the restaurant venue according to the size of your guest list, so that everyone comfortably fits inside. You may love a specific quaint eatery, but it might not be large enough for a big gathering

One of the major benefits of holding a party at waterfront restaurant, besides the location and view, is that you won't have to worry about hiring a catering service. Both the venue and menu planning will be taken care of with one reservation. Inquire as to whether the eatery provides the type of dessert you require, such as a birthday cake, or if you'll need to bring one in yourself. 

Here are some additional tips for holding a special event at a beachfront restaurant:

1. Consider the Space 

When narrowing down your list of potential waterfront dining venues, consider what type space you'd like. For instance, choose a restaurant with a patio or tiki bar in order to enjoy the water views outdoors. They will also be perfect places for guests to mix and mingle before and after lunch or dinner. 

Also, if your guest list is substantial, ask if you'll be able to reserve the entire venue for the day or evening, closing the space off to outside diners. For smaller gatherings, a private room may be provide just enough space and privacy. 

2. Plan the Menu

As many beachfront restaurants specialize in seafood, work with the event team to include a few additional items, such as grilled vegetable skewers or veggie burgers, for guests who don't eat meat. Alternative meal options will also be necessary for those with seafood allergies, so be sure to include a few chicken or beef dishes as well.

If you're on a tight event-planning budget, consider serving just appetizers or small plates and drinks during the event. The casual dining experience will work well with the relaxed beachfront vibe.

3. Think About Decor 

Since the restaurant's waterfront location is aesthetically pleasing by itself, you won't need many decor items, although a few pieces will give the space a personalized look. For instance, you can bring table candles in colors that reflect the event theme, or fresh flower centerpieces to give space a vibrant look.