3 Reasons To Consider BBQ Catering For Your Wedding

When it comes time for planning your wedding, one of the most fun choices you get to make is what food you want to serve at your wedding. If your wedding and reception are long, or occur during a typical mealtime, people will expect food to be served at the wedding. When considering what type of food to serve at your wedding, you may want to consider using BBQ catering services. BBQ food may not be the type of food you typically think of serving at a wedding, but it can be a really great food choice.

Reason #1: BBQ is Affordable

There is no denying that planning a wedding can be really expensive. From renting the venue to paying for outfits for the entire wedding party to decorations, the cost can really add up. One of the great things about BBQ food is that it is really affordable compared to other types of food you can serve at a wedding. In large part, that is because BBQ food is made out of ingredients that are easily available and accessible year-round.

You can also make a lot of adjustments to a BBQ menu that will increase or decrease the total cost. For example, you could serve high-quality cuts of steak for each guest, or you could serve pulled-pork and hamburgers. There are lots of ways to easily control the costs with a BBQ layout while still serving good food.

Reason #2: BBQ Is a Crowd Pleaser

Another reason to go with BBQ for your wedding is because it is a crowd-pleaser. In general, most people enjoy BBQ and have a positive association with this type of food. For people who eat meat, BBQ meat is often at the top of the pecking order when it comes to ways to prepare meat.

BBQ is also really easy to adjust to food restrictions. In addition to BBQ meats, you can serve things such as garden salad, coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad, corn, and fruit in order to appeal to everyone's dietary needs. For the vegans or vegetarians in your group, you can serve black bean burgers, grilled tofu, or portobello burgers. You can serve both vegetarian and meat stuffed peppers or skewers. It is easy and affordable to cater to a variety of different dietary needs with a BBQ wedding.

Reason #3: BBQ is a Classic Large Group Food

Finally, BBQ is a classic food to serve a large group of people. A BBQ spread is sure to get people talking about their favorite restaurant to grab BBQ in or about their favorite secret BBQ tip or BBQ memory. It is not only a good food to serve, it can be a great conversation starter that can help break the ice and bring your guests together in celebration.

When it comes to choosing the type of food you want served at your wedding, be sure to consider BBQ. A BBQ spread is affordable, easy to adjust to different dietary needs, and is a great large group food choice.