Why Ramen Is A Smart Choice When You’re Sick

When you're sick, it's important to make smart decisions about what foods you eat. Even if you don't have much of an appetite, you should look for healthy fare that will help you to recover from your illness. One type of food that can be valuable in this scenario is ramen, which you can often buy at local Asian restaurants. While you might not wish to visit in person when you're not feeling well, you can use a meal delivery service or even have a family member or friend pick up a serving and bring it to you. Here are some reasons that a bowl of ramen is a good choice when you're sick.

It Keeps You Hydrated

A lot of people can get dehydrated when they're sick. If you've been vomiting or have suffered from diarrhea, for example, your body will have lost a significant volume of fluid. It's important to replenish this fluid quickly. While you can do so by drinking water, it's possible that you don't crave water when you're not feeling well. Eating a bowl of ramen can be valuable for keeping you hydrated because this soup contains a lot of water. Consuming this soup will help to replenish some of the fluid that your body has lost.

Its Spice Can Be An Asset

The amount of spice in a bowl of ramen can vary considerably, but many bowls have a spicy taste to them. Spicy food can have value for several reasons when you're sick. Upon consuming a bowl of spicy ramen, your nose will run. This will help to clear your blocked sinuses, which is an issue that is common for people when they're not feeling well. While you'll want to stay away from any ramen that has an extremely high level of spice, something that is moderately spicy can be an asset.

It's Packed With Nutrients

Ramen typically has a lot of vegetables and herbs, many of which can offer the nutrition that your body needs when you're sick. Some bowls of ramen contain ginger, and ginger offers a lot of nutrition that is valuable for those who are ill. Perhaps more importantly, it provides a boost to your immune system that could help you to recover quicker. Many of the other ingredients in ramen, including spinach, are rich in nutrients that can help you when you're cold. Look online to find a restaurant that specializes in ramen in your community.