Creating A Party Room In Your Restaurant? What To Consider

You have extra space in your restaurant to convert some of the space into a party room. You want to specifically cater to kids and their birthday bashes, but you want the space to be inviting enough for a conference room or other type of celebration as well. With this in mind, use this guide to turn your open space into a kids birthday party room that can also be used for other purposes as well. The results will be impressive for all your patrons to enjoy.

Choose pleasing colors

A party room should be fun and engaging. For this reason, stick to colors that are known to be optimistic and fun. Red, yellow, and orange are all upbeat and energetic colors to select for your party room. Stick to mature versions of classic happy colors, such as brick red, goldenrod, and pumpkin orange. This way, should the party room be used for something other than a child's party, the space will look organized and engaging enough for a bridal party, retirement celebration, or even a wedding rehearsal dinner.

Keep varying themes on hand

Start collecting decorations that can be used for a variety of themes so you can decorate the party space as your patrons see fit. Purchase a helium tank for balloons and buy balloons in bulk in a variety of colors. Same goes for tablecloths and table settings: choose enough colors that you can mix and match for individual events and parties as patrons see fit. You can charge decoration rentals and use as part of your party room fee. Also worth investing in are birthday and other celebration banners. Keep these banners in a work closet so when parties are scheduled, you can quickly set up the space appropriately.

Keep the space easy to clean

A party room, particularly one used by kids, will quickly get dirty. Keep this room cleaner by placing plastic covers on chair seats, getting disposable tablecloths for parties, and choosing a darker, stain-hiding carpeting for the floor in this room.

Make the space private

You want to invest in doors for the space so you can keep this room separate from the rest of your restaurant. Doors offer privacy as well as help block out noise from boisterous parties and kids. French doors are a wise choice as they offer beauty and also open wide for making setting up and taking down easier for everyone.