Traveling And Fasting Become An Easy Duo When Eating At Casual Restaurants

Losing weight while on an extended vacation or business trip isn't easy. Without access to a kitchen, preparing meals isn't possible. Cutting calories becomes a bit easier when following an intermittent fasting routine. Visiting casual restaurants may allow you to stick with the unique plan.

Fasting and Visiting Popular Casual Dining Spots

Intermittent fasting follows a simple strategy. You eat during a duration window of, say, eight hours. Then, for 16 hours, you fast. As long as you don't overeat during the eight hours, the diet could deliver reliable results. Boredom, however, can undermine an intermittent fasting plan. Casual dining establishments come into play here. Dining at these eateries could potentially help someone stick to an intermittent fasting plan. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Hearty Breakfasts: Breakfast draws in a lot of customers. The morning meal fuels the rest of the day. Picking healthy choices from the menu starts things off nicely. Load up on carbohydrates by choosing buckwheat pancakes topped with fruit. Add some scrambled egg whites for protein.
  • Big Menu: Casual restaurants cast a big net to draw in many customers. The menu often presents a vast selection of meals to support this cause. A big menu helps battle the boredom that leads dieters to cheat. 
  • One-Stop Dieting: At the right restaurant, an IF dieter could eat all three meals at the same place day in and day out and never stray. Being forced to bounce from one eatery to the other becomes inconvenient when traveling. Finding just one nearby casual eating place helps keep you on track with the diet. 
  • Affordable Meals: Eating out while on a trip can be a budget buster. Casual restaurants remain an excellent choice for budget-conscious eaters. Lunch and dinner specials act as a sales tactic for these establishments. The traveling IF dieter can "load up" on an early 4 pm full-course dinner special. This can make the 16-hour window easier to handle.

Travelers benefit from restauranteurs locating their businesses near hotels, tourist spots, and business districts. Finding a nearby place shouldn't be too hard. The restaurants likely deliver, so you may not even need to leave your room all the time.

Stick with Healthy Choices

Both the 16-hour non-eating window and the "indulge while traveling" attitude may lead to eating unhealthy choices when dining. Don't make this mistake. Always try and lose weight in a healthy manner. Thankfully, the grand selections at a casual place assist this approach.