Three Ways To Pick A Lunch Date Restaurant When You Are Anxious

Dates can be difficult if you tend to be a nervous or anxious person. If you are planning a date with someone that you really wish to impress, you may be even more anxious. One of the best times to plan a date if you are too anxious is to plan a lunch date. A date in the middle of the day when the sun is shining doesn't cause as much nervousness or anxiety as a dinner date. Lunch dates tend to be more casual, which is perfect for loosening up the nerves. Here are three ways to pick a restaurant for a lunch date when you tend to be anxious. 

Select a restaurant with an outside patio

Sitting on an outside patio or deck will allow you to enjoy some much-needed air and people watch as you please. Being on the exterior patio of a restaurant will allow you to breathe in fresh air in order to help you calm down. If you tend to feel boxed in when you are inside of a space for a long time, but you want to have plenty of time to talk and get to know your date. Reserving a space on the patio will be a comfortable area to have a nice lunch date. 

Go with a mega menu restaurant

The last thing that you want to happen is you or your date not be able to find anything that you like on the menu. If the two of you are not able to find something that you like, it may cause one or the both of you to be a little bit down or uncomfortable on the date. When selecting a restaurant for lunch, select a place that has a comprehensive menu. This way you are both sure to find something enjoyable, quickly. 

Select a place near another activity

Just because you are meeting up for lunch doesn't mean that the date has to end there. Choose a lunch restaurant, like Steves Famous Diner, that is located near other activities such as parks and gardens, bowling, or other hobbies that your date has an interest in. This way, if the two of you are enjoying your time together too much to leave, you can choose to head straight into another activity when you are done. Being in close proximity to other activities may get you a 2-in-1 date and allow you to build up a much desired relationship connection.