What Makes Pizza Restaurant Pizza So Good?

There's nothing quite like biting into a slice of pizza from a good pizza restaurant. It's usually better than the pizza you would make at home, and it is definitely better than frozen pizza from the grocery store. But why? What makes restaurant pizza so good? Here are a few factors.

Good sauce.

When people make pizza at home, they often use red marinara sauce that's intended for pasta. Or, they may use plain, crushed tomatoes out of a can. Pizza restaurants, on the other hand, tend to spend lots of time developing their proprietary pizza sauce recipes. And pizza sauce does tend to have different seasonings and balances of seasonings than pasta sauce.

A blend of cheeses.

Ask people what kind of cheese goes on pizza, and most will respond "mozzarella." But while mozzarella has a nice texture and lots of stretch, it can be a bit lacking in flavor. Pizza restaurants tend to use a blend of cheeses, which is one reason why their pizza tends to have more flavor and such a satisfying cheese component.

The right proportion of ingredients.

Making a good pizza is not just about the ingredients used. It's also about the amount of each ingredient that you use. You need the right amount of sauce to get a good flavor without making the crust soggy. You need enough cheese to get that good cheese pull and chew, but not so much that it makes your crust bend and hides the sauce. Pizza restaurants spend time determining how much of each ingredient to use, and then they measure to ensure a consistent product with each pizza that they make.

Good ovens.

Making a pizza in a home oven is not easy. Baking a frozen pizza in a home oven will give you okay results, but it's still a frozen pizza! The pizza ovens at pizza restaurants get much, much hotter than home ovens. This allows the pizzas to bake faster, which gives the crust a better texture and rise while also ensuring that the cheese melts fully. It's hard to duplicate that in a home oven that maxes out at 450 degrees F.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand what makes restaurant pizza so phenomenal. It really is worth driving to a pizza restaurant such as Love Buzz Pizza Pub for a slice. Keep the information above in mind as you enjoy your meal. Bon appetite!