Three Stainless Steel Carts That You’ll Want For Your Restaurant

While much of the equipment in a fully stocked restaurant kitchen is designed to remain in this space, there are other types of gear that move around throughout the day. If you're shopping for equipment that your restaurant staff will use, it's important to consider the value of carts. There are all sorts of carts that you can find at any restaurant equipment supplier. These carts are available in different materials, but it's ideal to choose stainless steel because of the durability and stylish appearance that this material offers. Here are three stainless steel carts that you may want in your restaurant.

Dessert Cart

One way that some restaurants offer dessert to their patrons is to take it out on a dessert cart. This is a stainless steel cart that has several shelves. It's customary to have one example of each type of dessert that you offer on the top shelf. When a patron assesses the options and decides what they want, your server will reach to a lower shelf and pull out the appropriate dessert. If you want to serve your patrons their desserts in this manner, a cart with a sturdy frame, lots of shelves, and high-quality wheels will be ideal.

Bussing Cart

Another useful cart that you'll want for your restaurant is a bussing cart. Depending on the size of your dining room, you may want more than one of these carts. Bussing carts provide several shelves that can hold dirty dishes. After a party leaves one of your tables, a member of your staff can take a bussing cart to the table, load the various plates, glasses, and cutlery onto the cart, and carry these dirty items back to the kitchen for washing. The big benefit of a bussing cart is how much it can carry. While it might take someone multiple trips to clear off a table when handling dishes by hand, they can likely do the whole table in one trip with a bussing cart.

Utility Cart

Restaurant equipment suppliers also carry stainless steel utility carts, which are carts that can vary in design and are handy for all sorts of activities around a restaurant. Many people favor utility carts with large wheels that can easily navigate uneven terrain. This design can be useful if you're unloading food from a delivery truck or van in your back parking lot and want to transport the food into your kitchen with a cart. The large wheels will help to keep the cart and its contents stable even if you run over a bump. Learn more about stainless steel carts from a restaurant equipment supplier, such as Hy-Point Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Inc.