Advice For Anyone Interested In Working As A Pizza Delivery Driver

Delivering pizzas can be a great first job, or it can be a good side job when you need to earn some extra money. Since drivers usually work most on nights and weekends, the job can pair well with a traditional day job. It can be a lot of fun to meet different people and see them smile when you hand them their pizzas. However, you can probably benefit from a few pieces of advice as a new pizza delivery driver.

Start the night with a full tank of gas.

You do not want to have to stop and fill up your car's gas tank in the middle of a busy night, causing you to be late for a delivery. Gas up on your way to work or the day before. 

Check that you have the whole order before leaving the restaurant.

Before leaving the restaurant, check that you have the entire order. Look at the receipt, and make sure each item on that receipt is in your hands. It's not unusual for a driver to grab two boxes, assume that is it, and later on, realize there was supposed to be a third box (sometimes a salad coming from the cold bar or some dips). 

Have a good GPS app on-hand.

One of the most common reasons why delivery drivers can end up late is because they struggle to find the right address. Make sure you have a good GPS and navigation app, and that you know how to use it well before you start your deliveries. Talk to other drivers working for the same restaurant and see which apps they use. There may be one that is particularly accurate or useful in your area.

Greet customers with a smile.

Customers will mostly be excited to get their pizza, but it's your job to make this about the delivery experience, too. Smile when they answer the door, be friendly, and if you are asked any questions, do your best to give an informative, positive answer. Don't hesitate to call the restaurant if you come upon a situation you cannot address on your own. You're better off saying to the customer, "Let me reach out for some help on that," than trying to address a situation you don't have the resources to address. For example, if a customer complains that the pizza is over-baked, call the restaurant and see how they prefer to handle it.

With the advice above, you should have an easier time excelling as a pizza delivery driver.