Five Tips For Those Who Are Ordering Chinese Food For The First Time

If you have never eaten Chinese before, it's only natural that you might not be sure of what to order when you go to a Chinese restaurant for the first time. 

Chinese food is so popular and prevalent for a reason. There's no doubt that there are numerous items on any Chinese restaurant menu that you're absolutely going to love.

The following are five great tips to keep in mind if you're trying Chinese for the first time:

Be aware of the healthy options

In terms of healthiness, Chinese food can vary widely. You shouldn't assume that this ethnic cuisine necessarily has to be fried or loaded with sauces containing excessive sodium.

If you want to make your order more healthy, you can consider opting for a vegetarian option on the menu to cut down on cholesterol, fat, and calories. You can also avoid menu items with a lot of carbs like noodle dishes. 

Try out a buffet to get to know what you like

Perhaps one of the best things you can do to familiarize yourself with this type of cuisine is go to a buffet.

At a buffet, you can sample numerous menu options all in one meal. This will give you a good chance to get an idea of both what you like and what you don't like. 

Consider trying a dessert

In some ways, Chinese cuisine is not really known for its desserts. However, there are a lot of desserts you can try at the end of your meal that are more interesting and tasty than a standard fortune cookie.

Some options that you might want to consider include sticky cake, taro ice cream, and egg custard dishes like tarts. 

Understand the basics about sauces

This type of cuisine includes some basic sauces you'll want to be familiar with before ordering to know whether you want to request them or not.

If you are a big fan of spicy food, you may want to request some hot sauce or spicy mustard. Other standard sauces to consider are salty and tangy soy sauce, or duck sauce that is perfect for dipping noodles in. 

Eat with chopsticks to get the full experience

Even if you don't eat your entire meal with chopsticks, you should at least give your chopsticks a try. Eating with chopsticks is an important part of a complete Chinese meal, so try chopsticks out just so you can experience the food as it is eaten traditionally. 

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