Keeping Food Cool During A Hot Outdoor Event

If you are going to be hosting an outdoor event in the near future, you are most likely going to have food being served or sold to guests who are in attendance. It is extremely important to take precautionary steps in keeping food at a proper temperature for consumption when excessive heat may be on the docket for the weather forecast. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your food will remain fresh and able to be served throughout an event being held in an outdoor setting during a time when heat is abundant.

Hire A Catering Company To Do The Work

One way to ensure the food being served is of the highest quality is by hiring an event catering service to handle the work for you. They will show up at your event with the proper cooling capabilities to help keep each item being served at the right temperature throughout the allotted party time. Thermometers and coolers will be used to aid in keeping track of the temperature of foods as well as small refrigeration units if the event will be held for a long period of time. You will also enjoy being freed up to handle other aspects of your event as you will not be responsible for food preparation or serving.

Purchase Cubes From A Distributor

Buying several bags of ice to keep on hand for an outdoor event is extremely important. These bags can be stored in a freezer in a nearby indoor structure so there is always a cooling source ready to add to food products if necessary. Place several cubes in a cooler and keep food on ice throughout the event. Be sure to check that ice has not melted and swap any standing water with new cubes as necessary.

Provide An Area Of Shade

Placing food in direct sunlight will cause it to heat up to dangerous temperatures much faster than if you protect it with a shade source. Consider setting up a canvas pop-up canopy to provide the area where you will be prepping and serving food with spot that blocks the sun's rays. This will also keep people preparing and serving others from becoming too hot as they do so. Shade will also aid in keeping some insects away from the food products. Using a fan underneath the canopy tent will help to maintain the temperature as well as keep bugs away from food.