Two Tips For Catering A Binge Watching Party

Getting together with a group of friends and family members to watch the latest season of your favorite TV show can be extremely fun. What may not be as fun, however, is spending hours shopping for, prepping, and cooking food for the event, and then having to clean up afterwards. If you're expecting a large group of people, then catering the event is a good way to feed everyone while avoiding much of the work involved. Here are two tips for catering a movie viewing party.

Choose a Cold Buffett

While it may be nice to eat a warm meal, especially if it's cold outside, you'll be sitting in front of the television for several hours. A cold buffet is more likely to remain tasty and be easier to maintain during that time than a hot one, since you can place food in the refrigerator and remove it as needed. Hot foods may need to be kept warm in the oven, using chafing dishes, or be reheated in the microwave, all of which may take away from your viewing time.

A buffet is definitely better for this type of event than meal service because people can refill their plates and cups as they get hungry and thirsty. Some good food options for this type of party include cold cuts and cheeses, an assortment of vegetable salads, pasta salad, fruit salad, and crackers.

Be aware, though, that people tend to eat more food when it's served buffet style, especially over a long period of time, so plan accordingly. For instance, if you serve hors d'oeuvres, plan on each person having 4 to 6 bites per hour. Additionally, the longer the viewing party, the bigger the selection should be available so people don't get bored. As a benefit, people will take smaller portions each visit so they can sample more items.

Make Sure There are Plenty to Nibble On

Another thing you can do is supplement the main course with things to nibble on. For instance, having bowls of marinated olives, grapes, popcorn, candy, and other finger foods can provide guests with something to snack on if they get hungry but don't want another plate of food. These side dishes can also ensure there's something to eat as the buffet foods start to dwindle.

Alternatively, make sure there is enough dessert options to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth, such as a couple of cakes, pies, or ice cream.

For more information about providing food for a binge-watching event, contact a caterer.